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Follow these 5 ways to make friendly bond between children and grand parents

In the past, when there used to be a joint family and all the members of the house used to sit together under one roof, then at that time no member of the house had to work hard to make bonding with any other member. As times have changed, it has become difficult for all the members of the house to stay together despite living in a joint family. Due to studies and jobs, the distance between the two generations kept increasing.

It has had a deep impact on the new and old generations. For children who meet their grandparents once or twice a year, the bonding of those children does not get better even after the wishes of their grandparents. As much as this makes the grandparents sad, the parents of the child are equally worried about this. Since it is not the fault of the children, so nothing can be said to them. Let us tell you some such things, by adopting which you will be able to reduce the distance between grandparents and children.

Tell your childhood stories A great way to connect children with grandparents would be if you would tell them stories related to your childhood. Try to tell such things of your parents in this, which the child will be thrilled to hear and when he meets his grandparents, then tell those stories to them. This will reduce the distance between two generations.

Plan a family trip Be it a long weekend or a holiday, it is good to plan a family trip to improve the relationship between the child and your parents. With this, the children will spend more time with their grandparents and will slowly start to dissolve in their company.

Child to go for a walk with grandparents Even if the child is living away from his grandparents, friendship can be increased between them. The best way to befriend two different generations is to give them a chance to spend with each other whenever they meet. Then why not spend that time in the park, mall or any fair only. Encourage both of them to get to know each other outside.

Involve grandparents in child’s activities When the child is drawing, creating school projects, or doing some work related to his hobby, encourage your parents to take part in the child’s activity. This will make the child feel comfortable with the grandparents.

Let baby sleep with grandparents If the child insists on sleeping with the grandparents or if the grandparents only want the child to sleep with them, then do not stop them. It is not right to think that the child is not used to or the child will disturb the grandparents. Let them be the way they both feel comfortable with each other.

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general assumptions. We do not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)


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