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Funny Video:The groom’s friends gave such a shameless gift, the bride got furious and threw the gift in anger

New Delhi :

Weddings shown in films are completely different from real-life weddings. If you see some real-life marriages, then you will start to think that the marriage shown in the movies will be false. In real life weddings, sometimes such accidents happen, which you remember more than the wedding. We have brought one such funny video of marriage for you. After watching this video, where you will be surprised why this happened, on the other hand, your laughter will not stop.

This video has been shared on YouTube, on which many funny reactions from people are being seen. In the video, you can see that the bride is sitting on the stage and the groom is also next to her. The bride has a gift in her hand, which she is opening. But as soon as the bride opens the gift, she is filled with anger after seeing it. The bride throws the gift on the middle stage itself. During this, the expression on the bride’s face also changes completely. After throwing away the gift, the girl tries to get back to normal. The voices of people are also heard in the video, who says that ‘joke tha joke tha .

The groom’s friends had gifted the girl a bottle of milk to a small child, after seeing which the girl got furious. After this video surfaced, many social media users have also commented on it. One user wrote, “The girl did fine”. So another writes, “What a stupid gift this is. Who gifts a baby bottle on a wedding day”. Another writes, “It’s a cute gift. Why to throw it”. What do you have to say, do give us your opinion on this video?


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