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New WhatsApp Scam! Hackers found a new way to rob users, how to avoid?

WhatsApp Scams are increasing, due to which now the users of WhatsApp need to be alert or say be careful. Hackers WhatsApp is also bringing out new ways to make users a victim. Security experts have unearthed a new fraud where hackers take control of WhatsApp users’ accounts with just a phone call. founder and CEO Rahul Sasi, while explaining the new fraud, said that hackers access their accounts by making users a victim. Let us tell you how this new scam works?

WhatsApp Scam: This is how this scam works
Users are lured into the trap by calling hackers and then asking them to dial numbers starting with ’67’ or ‘405’. By doing this, users are logged out of their WhatsApp account and lose access to their account, if seen, hackers get complete control of your account in a few seconds.

Rahul Sasi told that hackers will first call you and ask you to dial ** 67 * 10 digit number> or * 405 * 10 digit number after trapping your talk. For the information of you people, let us tell you that these numbers are used for call forward requests in Airtel and other companies. This means that hackers get your call forwarded to their number and then get WhatsApp registration by asking for OTP through phone calls. In this way, a small mistake of yours becomes heavy on you.

save yourself like this
The easiest and safest way to protect yourself is to ignore calls that are unfamiliar (unknown) if you want to stay safe from this scam on WhatsApp.


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