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Naughty Video: Poonam Pandey licked mango on the road without bra, people asked will you eat banana?

Poonam Pandey ate mangoes by licking them on the road without a bra 

It is very hot in the country at this time. Despite the temperature crossing 49, Poonam Pandey came out on the road to raise the temperature. Poonam Pandey was recently featured in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lockup.

She also made her fans happy during the show. Though she did not win the show, she entertained the audience immensely. Poonam Pandey provides plenty of entertainment content to the media. Poonam Pandey, who came into the limelight after the lockup, is also taking great advantage of the attention.

Poonam Pandey married her boyfriend Sam Bombay in the year 2020. Soon after the marriage, Poonam Pandey filed a police complaint against her husband. Poonam Pandey’s semi-adult videos are more popular than her films. She is an Indian model and actress. In 2013, she made her Bollywood debut with the film Nasha.

Poonam Pandey came out of the house to enjoy the summer and made a lot of headlines by visiting a fruit shop. She bought mangoes from the fruit shop on the road and licked them in an adult manner. She gave very bold expressions while licking the mango.
Poonam Pandey is known for wearing bold and semi-nude clothes. Similarly, she maintained her style while arriving out of the car

While she wore a light-colored dress without a bra. In the video of her eating mangoes on social media, it is visible that she is not wearing a bra. Seeing Poonam Pandey eating mangoes on the road, people asked her which fruit she liked. Poonam Pandey replied that she loves bananas and mangoes.
Poonam Pandey’s video is becoming increasingly popular on social media.

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